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Free proxy server List for Torrenting download Facebook All

Free proxy server List or best Free proxy server for Torrenting download software Facebook, Unblock YouTube, and other proposes if you need then lets read our complete collection and get here with complete info.

Sometimes your favorite or important websites that you want to browse anonymously or worldwide websites are blocked in your region. Sometimes this issue happens because of your ISP which blocks those specific websites on the order of government etc. It really hurts when your favorite website is blocked in your region and you are unable to access it. So in such stages only P. services are useful for getting access to blocked content/WebPages.

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Free proxy server List

Free proxy server List for Torrenting download Facebook All

Now it depends upon the user’s requirement, there are thousands of different proxy types services available for unblocking your favorite sites easily. Before we are going to get started with our main, it is good idea to know about the proxy server, advantages and disadvantages etc and much more other information about proxy server services.

Actually a proxy server is a server that acts as the medium between the main proxy server and clients (Users PC). The first proxy server receives requests from clients PC and then forwards it to main proxy server. When the P. S. responds back, this response is send back to client (User PC). All the requests comes to destination server by P. S. and not by clients, so in this way users IP address remains hidden online. User can also unlock his/her desired website which is blocked in specific region through using P. S. of those particular regions. For example a website is United States targeted only and you want to access it then you will need to take advantage of US P. services for accessing that particular website.

Types of proxy servers

There are actually two types of P. S. which are HTTP P. S. and socks P.S.

Http P. S. can only handle HTTP traffic so in terms of browsing they are best. Some of these P. S. utilize https (secured connections) by using SSL which means they seem to be great in terms of privacy and security protection. On the other hand socks, P. S. can handle all type of internet traffic. These type of servers are mostly used by P.-enabled applications such as chat applications, mail clients, torrent clients etc.

Web proxy server

Web P. services mainly connect the clients (Users) to HTTP  and allow them to surf the web anonymously within a browser and no additional configuration is needed to be done. Most of these type of P. services are ad supported and generally free and these services are only best for getting access to text and images based restricted websites. Most of web P. services normally can’t support flash, JavaScript etc.

Top Best Free proxy server List 2016

If you are one of those who are looking for list of top best free proxy server, the you are at right place because today in this article we are going to share best web P. services that you will surely find useful. So without wasting any time, let’s get started and have a look at this list mentioned below:

Advantages of Free proxy server

Main advantages of P. S. includes that your IP address hidden when browsing online or accessing blocked or geo restricted websites. Also using proxy service user can have quick access to their favorite WebPages. You can get best VPN services at lower prices and mostly are available at free of cost.

Disadvantages of Free proxy server

On the other hand advantages of the proxy server includes data theft, which means most of P. service sites are trying to steal your information and misusing it, so always try to utilize trusted P. service. Also, there are technical limitations such as modern web technologies such as JavaScript and flash etc which are only access by few limited websites only. Also, proxy servers are useful for temporary access for unblocking sites.

So this is all about top best free proxy server list guide and I hope you find it helpful. If you have any suggestions regards this topic, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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